Fairfax Photos

Refresh of Fairfax Photos brand ID and design of a Fairfax Syndication notebook.

Fairfax Photos brand ID refresh. Fairfax Photos sells hard copy prints of photographs, front pages and selected artwork from Fairfax Media’s award winning photographers, cartoonists and partners for home use. To refresh the brand, I wanted the images to be the hero. I created a black and grey colour palette and highlighted certain words in the tag line lockup to place emphasis on the theme of the image.
Fairfax Syndication. This department looks after the license collections of Australian and international content including photographs, articles and video for commercial use from Fairfax Media and partners. Working with the Fairfax Photo manager, I created a blank hard covered notebook containing various images from the Fairfax photo collection. The logo was debossed on the leather front and then given to clients as a promotional gift.